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Time does not stand still. Technological progress – even more so. Every day new programs, new electronic devices and gadgets are created, and also a variety of related events are hosted. Fans of “hard” and “soft” will always be able to see the news of the IT-world in this section. Here we have compiled for you IT events in Ukraine, the IT achievements of Ukraine, Ukrainian eSports news, news of programming of Ukraine, and, of course, already very required co-workings of Ukraine.


5 Unusual Inventions Of 2015

Science creates thousands of incredible things that make our lives easier, more interactive and interesting. 2015 was not an exception,...


Apps Conference 2015 : 15 августа, Одесса

Хоп-Хэй-Лалалэй! На AppsConference едет WeLoveUa! Когда? 15 августа в 9:30 Где? Конференц-зал гостиницы «Гагарин».Одесса. Зачем? Собираются все классные и веселые...