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Let’s say briefly – we all eat. Someone eats at home, someone – in cafes, restaurants or being someone’s guest. Neither we nor you can avoid this need, and hunger will not help your vacation at all. Do you want to eat in the Ukraine or to taste Ukrainian dishes? There’s nothing simpler! Especially for you our caring team has collected everything that may help to satisfy your hunger. Ukrainian cafes, Ukrainian restaurants, Ukrainian eateries, Ukrainian bars will prompt you where to go, meanwhile Ukrainian recipes will help you cook the national dishes yourself.


Fest of Pampuh in Lviv

From 7th till 10th January 2016 in Lviv will be held the ninth Fest of Pampuh. In the city center,...


The Blue Cup coffee shop

I count myself among to  real  coffee lover . No, I just can not live without coffee. And what could...


Tri: vegetarian restaurant

“I really like the term” conscious “, which is probably most accurately conveys our vision. After all, at the mention...

new york bagel cafe


If you only heard the aroma of baking! Crisp with a delicate cream cheese, mmm. It is hard to resist...


The Guide to Ukrainian Cuisine

Although Ukraine is known all over the world by such national unique dishes like borscht, varenyky, and salo, everything mentioned above...


Tasty and fast in «Drova»

There is a cosy place near Zoloti Vorota Metro Station. It looks unremarkable, but it smells really good there. We’ve...


Olivie: Tasty Every Day

What does an office worker need to be happy? Certainly, a nice easy work and some tasty food. It is...